Information for Cooperating Companies (licensees)

Licensees have the right to use the european vegetarian label for the promotion of their products and print it directly on packages and advertising material.

What kind of advantages does this bring to the organization/companies involved?

The licensees receive competent support during the introduction phase of new vegetarian products (e.g. by controls whether a declaration is correct and suitable for vegetarians).

The products of the licensees will be made known in vegetarian circles and by that reach a large potential clientele rapidly.

Furthermore an additional assistance can be offered: It is not necessary to establish individual company information services since the telephone contact-number of the vegetarian organization responsible in the respective country can be suggested, or at least any already existing information service within these companies can be relieved of all inquiries concerning vegetarian nutrition.

Since the vegetarian organizations have collected information regarding the vegetarian way of life for many years (usually by press-monitoring but also by close contacts with other vegetarian organizations abroad), all questions can be answered in a competent way.

Furthermore additional written information material is ready for dispatch. In this documentation the most frequent questions connected with the vegetarian way of life are answered in a comprehensive fashion. All information material is constantly updated.

More vegetarians = more potential customers for vegetarian products.

What do the cooperating companies have to do?

Before any product obtains the label, it must be examined. For this process, all ingredients must be disclosed and the manufacturing plant has to be accessible. As soon as a product may carry the label, the manufacturer is obliged to inform the responsible vegetarian organization about all changes as far as ingredients or product declarations are concerned.

What are the label-advantages for consumers?
  1. They see immediately that a product does not contain slaughter products.
  2.  An independent label, which is used on the products of various manufacturers, is more trustworthy for consumers than any company-label and at the same time it offers clarification about detailed-product information as well as answers regarding a vegetarian way of life.
Conditions for the label
  1. The food producer must declare the complete composition of any product to the licensee. Of course, all data will be treated confidentially.
  2. All ingredients of the product must be vegetarian. See also: Guidelines regarding ingredients.
  3. No slaughter by-products must be used during food processing (e.g. no gelatine, fish-bladder for the purification of wine, vinegar, fruit juices etc.).
  4. The producers accept controls of their manufacturing plants.